Inquiries Palette

Inquiries Palette Overview

The Inquiries Palette Inquiries is almost entirely made up of inquiry functions Some of the exceptions include Account, Inventory and Time transaction inquiries, which all provide a convenient grouping of transactions for the selected group. The user will find these inquiries very useful when looking for un-posted transactions as they list all Transactions. The last five items from Transactions through to History Payroll are for the viewing of historical items. 

Users should be aware that any items or transactions opened using the Palette will be locked to other users on the network. Those users will be allowed read only privileges and will be unable to modify the data entry item currently opened by using the Palette options. 

Shortcut Alternate Access / Article Link
ClientsAccounts / Receivables / Clients
VendorsAccounts / Payables / Vendors
General LedgerAccounts / General Ledger / General Ledger
InventoryInventory / Inventory / Inventory
Inventory LocationsInventory / Inventory / Inventory Locations
MatrixInventory / Inventory / Matrix
Serial BatchInventory / Inventory / Serial/Batch
Price BookInventory / Inventory / Price Book | Job Projects / Inventory / Price Book
Job ProjectJob Projects / Job Projects / Job Project
ManifestInventory / Manager / Manifest
ImporterInventory / Manager / Importer
DocumentsWorkbook / General / Documents
Document ManagerWorkbook / General / Document Manager
PasswordsAssets / Assets / Passwords
Tracking NotesWorkbook / General / Tracking Notes
ContactsWorkbook / General / Contacts
ActionsWorkbook / General / Actions
CalendarWorkbook / General / Calendar
EmployeePayroll/HR / Administration / Employee
ResourcesJob Projects / Resources / Resource
AssetAssets / Assets / Asset Inquiry
Account TransactionsAccounts / Payables / Transactions
Inventory TransactionsInventory / Purchases / Transactions
Time TransactionsJob Projects / Resources / Transactions
History Account Transactions Accounts / History / Transactions
History Audit LinesAccounts / History / Audit Lines
History Bank ReconciliationAccounts / History / Bank Reconciliation
History Inventory TransactionsInventory / History / Transactions
History Sales LinesInventory / History / Sales Lines
History PayrollPayroll/HR / History / History Payroll

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