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Season Overview

The Sapphire Season tool enables the SapphireOne user to update Seasons in the selected record to the indent season and clear the indent season. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to categorise and manage inventory and create a detailed and unique database customised to their particular requirements.

The Season field is an additional field that can be applied to all inventory types and can be entered within SapphireOne Inventory mode. The Season tag allows the SapphireOne user to group Inventory items together by season and can be utilised if you have, for example, a seasonal product or inventory related to a specific season i.e. Spring/Summer collection.

The Season tag can be applied to the relevant inventory item, group or subset of inventory items or an inventory Serial / Batch. The Season indent is most commonly used in relation to Matrix inventory items and once applied the Season title is non-modifiable. The Season tag is used when a Customer Order is selected from a browser using the Sapphire Web Pack.

For example, you may own a retail or wholesale manufacturing business and are required to categorise inventory stock into a particular season e.g. summer, winter, etc. Upon the arrival of a new shipment of seasonal inventory, during the data entry process, the SapphireOne user may have applied the relevant Season titles to the inventory item/s or serial/batch. They can then utilise the Sapphire Season tool to update all inventory that has a Season indent to ensure customer orders are filled with the most recent inventory details.

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