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Verify Unposted Overview

The Verify Unposted tool enables the SapphireOne user to search all un-posted records or selected un-posted records within the SapphireOne data file. This is an extremely useful tool in identifying any un-posted inventory items that may have posting errors.

The Verify Unposted tool gives the user the ability to efficiently search the Inventory Locations index by highlighting any inventory items they want to view that are currently Un-Posted and determine whether there are any errors or discrepancies to the record. For example, you may have a list of Inventory transactions for a client and within the list you may have inventory items that you wish to identify for errors.

Verify Un-Posted Procedure

The SapphireOne user the has the ability to utilise the Verify Un-posted tool by selecting either all or a section of the Inventory Location items listed on the screen and running the tool. This will bring up a subset list of all the Inventory items that have a status of un-posted and the SapphireOne user is able to determine the error.

  • Inventory Selection – When a list of Inventory Location items are on screen, select or highlight the items that the Verify Un-posted is to be run on.
  • Processing – From Sapphire Tools select the the Verify Unposted tool. SapphireOne will then run the Verify un-posted tool on the selected Inventory items only.

As there are only a very limited number of records this procedure will take about a second, whereas the verify un-posted function from utilities mode will take a lot of time as it checks all records in the data file. It is a very quick method of running this function on a limited number of records that have been identified by the user that may have posting errors.

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