Verify Un-posted

Where Used: Inventory > Inventory > Inventory Locations Inquiry

Verify Un-posted Overview

The Verify Un-posted tool enables the SapphireOne user to search all un-posted records or selected un-posted records within the SapphireOne data file. This is an extremely useful tool in identifying any un-posted inventory items that may have posting errors. The Verify Un-posted tool gives the user the ability to efficiently search the Inventory Locations index by highlighting any inventory items they want to view that are currently Un-Posted and determine whether there are any errors or discrepancies to the record.

For example, you may have a list of Inventory transactions for a client and within the list you may have inventory items that you wish to identify for errors. The SapphireOne user the has the ability to utilise the Verify Un-posted tool by selecting either all or a section of the Inventory Location items listed on the screen and running the tool. This will bring up a subset list of all the Inventory items that have a status of un-posted and the SapphireOne user is able to determine the error.

  • Inventory Selection – When a list of Inventory Location items are on screen, select or highlight the items that the Verify Un-posted is to be run on.
  • Processing – From Sapphire Tools select the the Verify Un-Posted tool. SapphireOne will then run the Verify un-posted tool on the selected Inventory items only.

As there are only a very limited number of records this procedure will take about a second, whereas the verify un-posted function from utilities mode will take a lot of time as it checks all records in the data file. It is a very quick method of running this function on a limited number of records that have been identified by the user that may have posting errors.

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