Export Inventory Budget Balances - Easy Inventory Budget Balances By Period

Job Projects > Job Projects > Job Project Inquiry > Export Inventory Budget Balances

The Sapphire export inventory budget balances tool will use all projects currently on screen and not just the highlight Job projects. To limit the export tools output, select the required Job Projects and then use the Cmd/Ctrl G command to limit the number of Job Projects currently in the list on screen.

This tool will export Inventory Budget Balances on a period by period basis all the way through to period 30. For each period there will be a cost and income value entered for each and every inventory item for the Job projects currently onscreen. 

It is exported as a CSV file and if a spreadsheet program of some type is installed on the local machine SapphireOne will immediately open it and display the exported file. The user will note that it is exactly the same as a file created ready for importing into SapphireOne using the API Gateway program. 

It should also be noted that there is no gateway export function in the API Gateway article using the syntax %PTB, as this particular export function has been completely automated. You will note that the syntax #PTB has already been entered into the first column enabling SapphireOne to read it into the database. 

Once the file has had all changes entered, it should be saved as a tab delineated text file and the API Gateway function used to import it as normal with the normal functionality and rules applying. 

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