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Reorder Overview

The Sapphire Reorder tool allows the user to automatically create an Order Vendor Invoice (OVI) for inventory items that are required to be ordered. SapphireOne users have the ability to view all inventory items that have a Vendor allocated to them, which is set up in the More Details section of the page

The Reorder tool is an extremely useful tool for any business and it is a very efficient functionality in reordering inventory items and keeping stock levels filled.

For example, you may have a Vendor whom you regularly order inventory items from and you are required to make another order. You could require ordering inventory on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. basis and by utilising the Sapphire Reorder tool you have the ability to automatically create a new Order.


Reorder makes the administration process much more efficient as rather than creating a completely new order, Sapphire will automatically generate a new order with the same quantities that was requested in the most recent previous order. SapphireOne users then have the ability to make any adjustments to inventory quantities you desire.

  • This allows the automatic creation of OVI’s for items that require reordering. This screen shows the minimum and maximum stock levels set for each Inventory Item as well as any reordering information available. 
  • The only Inventory items that will be displayed in the screen are those that have a Vendor set up in the More Details Page. 
  • If a Minimum and a Maximum quantity have been setup for an Inventory item, when it is selected SapphireOne will automatically enter in a quantity to return that inventory item to its maximum quantity. The user may then adjust this quantity as required. 

To use this screen,

  1. Select an item to Reorder then update the Reorder field. Multiple selections can be made before clicking the Process button. 
  2. Once you select the Process button SapphireOne will display pop up conformation dialog. Upon confirmation OVI transactions will be generated for all selected items. These can then be forwarded to your suppliers. 
  3. Selecting the Reorder All button will tell SapphireOne to move all of the quantities in the order column across to the reorder column. You could move them across one at a time or use the Reorder All button and manually remove the ones that you do not want to order.

Check with SapphireOne staff for detail before using the Fill Rec from Max button.

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