Picking - The Unique Solution for Warehouse Picking

The “Picking” platform revolutionizes traditional warehouse picking. No more manual searches through aisles. It uses advanced barcode tech for real-time inventory tracking also saving time and cutting errors.

This platform works on desktops and mobiles, streamlining order management. as a result, It replaces error-prone paper systems. Its real-time updates ensure staff pick only available inventory items, avoiding out-of-stock errors.

Therefore, the “Picking” platform integrates with other warehouse systems. This boosts departmental coordination, enhancing overall efficiency.

Here’s how to use the Sapphire Custom Web Pack Picking:

  1. From the navigation screen select “Picking”.
  1. You will be led to a page with the following information:
    • Order – List of orders available to pick from.
    • Backorder – List of backorders available to pick from.
    • Next – Move onto the next page.
    • Floor – Which floor is the warehouse located.
    • Client ID – Client identification number.
    • Search – Search by Client ID.
    • Tag – Description of urgency or source of order.
    • Internal Ref – Internal identification number.
    • Client – Client identification name.
    • Entered – Date and time of order.
    • Lines – Amount of lines in order.
    • Weight – Total weight of order.
    • State – State to be delivered to.
  2. You will need to decide which orders you want to pick. Please bear in mind the following information to adjust your package:
    • The weight of the orders.
    • The amount of items on the order.
    • Whether it is a “must go today” order or not (Orders that “must go today” appear with a ! mark beside them, the ! mark is located under the Tag column).
  3. After marking the order you wish to pick, select “Next”.
  1. You will be moved into the following tote page.
    The tote page contains:
    • Add Tote – Opens a prompt that allows you to add a tote number.
    • Delete Tote – Opens a prompt that allows removal of tote by number.
      • Please note to clarify you must add tote to the following picking to move onto the next page.
  1. Once clicked “Next” – you will see the following page, enter the bar code of the inventory you wish to pick, and then press ‘Tab’.
  2. A new table will pop with more detailed information about the inventory product you have selected – simply confirm the amount you picked to suit the amount in the order invoice.
  3. Once the previous step has been done to all the inventory products – you will be able to process your pick, once you are finished, click ‘Process’ to confirm.
  • Note: You may also navigate to the following pages from this page:
    • On Hold Page
    • Current Picking List
CustomWebPack - Picking - NavigationnToOtherPages

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