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Merge Invoices Overview

The Sapphire Merge Invoices tool enables the SapphireOne user to merge un-posted invoices for the same Client or Vendor. If there are multiple transactions open on the screen the user has the ability to generate one single invoice from all transactions with the Merge Invoices tool. This is an extremely useful tool in simplifying and consolidating invoices and documentation. The user will only be able to merge invoices that relate to the same Client or Vendor.

For example, you may have a large company or organisation with various departments i.e. administration, production, warehouse, etc. Within each department, you are required to purchase goods from a Vendor for the entire company. Each department head within the company may be responsible for creating an invoice listing all the transaction lines and inventory items that particular department requires. By utilising the Merge Invoices tool the SapphireOne user has the ability to amalgamate the separate invoices from each department into a single invoice and send the order as one document for that Vendor to fulfil.

This tool is located at: Tools > Process > Merge Invoices

This Merge Invoices tool will.

  • Merge un-posted invoices that are in the list that is currently on screen for the same Client or Vendor. 
  • Attempt to merge invoices for all transaction that are in the list that is currently on screen. 
  • Only merge Invoices for the same Client or Vendor.

Options for merging and sequence will be provided for selection.

Three single line transactions to the same Client or Vendor will result in the three transactions being deleted and a new transaction with three lines in it being created by SapphireOne. The total number of lines in the new transaction will be the same number of lines in all of the transactions that were merged. 

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