Manifest Vehicle

Manifest Vehicle Overview

The SapphireOne Manifest Vehicle function in the Inventory Manager menu is used to set up the different modes of transport to be assigned to a Manifest. The mode of transport is a critical component of creating a Manifest, and the Manifest Vehicle Inquiry screen is used to set up the vehicle within SapphireOne. The vehicle can includes any modes of transport, such as ships, aircraft, trucks, vans, private motor vehicles, utilities, train and even carriages on a train.

Linking a Vehicle to a Manifest Inquiry

The records created in the Manifest Vehicle screen are directly linked to the Manifest function, which is the second item in the Inventory Manager menu. Users can set up their Vehicle within the Manifest Vehicle Inquiry screen here, and then link it to a Manifest created from the Manifest Inquiry screen.

To initially enter in Manifest Vehicle Inquiry entry, the user has to enter the ID into the Vehicle data entry field in the Manifest area of a Manifest Inquiry. Once the selected ID is entered the user may then click on the data field heading Vehicle. SapphireOne will then try to log into the appropriate web page for the company as entered in the Manifest Vehicle Inquiry record. 

When opening the Manifest Vehicle screen a list of entries that are currently in SapphireOne will be displayed as seen above. To create a new Manifest Vehicle Inquiry, click on the New button to open the above dialog box.

  • ID – Enter a unique ID for the Manifest Vehicle entry. 
  • Name – Enter a unique Name for the Manifest Vehicle entry.
  • Company – SapphireOne will automatically enter the Company that the user is logged into.
  • Type – There are three Type options to select from – None, TrakOnline and BlueStar. When the Vehicle heading is selected in a Manifest entry SapphireOne will open the default web browser of the selected Type and attempt to log in using the credentials as entered next in this Manifest Vehicle record. 
  • Username and Password – Enter the Username and Password used to log into the selected Type site.

Select the Green Tick icon in the Main Toolbar to save your Manifest Vehicle entry.

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