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Open Related Serial Batch Overview

The Sapphire Open Related Serial Batch tool enables the user to view an inventory serial batch when an Inventory Locations inquiry screen is displayed. SapphireOne Inventory Locations gives a complete and detailed view of a business or company’s inventory in a location by location basis. It is the single source of all inventory and their respective locations and is company specific.

For example, you may have a company or organisation with multiple locations such as a retail store or franchise, and you want to view the stock levels of all inventory items with a unique serial or batch number at each location. From the Inventory Locations screen the SapphireOne user has the ability to utilise the Open Related Serial Batch tool to search for a particular serial or batch inventory item e.g. Tibetan Mountain Flower tea, across all locations and view the stock level or quantities across all locations.

The option to open an open related serial batch while an Inventory Locations Inquiry is on screen has been added as a convenient way to access the Base Inventory inquiry while an Inventory Locations inquiry is on screen.

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