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Workflow Centre Overview

The Workflow Centre function within SapphireOne Management Mode displays an overview of all Transactions that have been flagged as having a Workflow Rule applied to them for the Company that the user is logged into. These Workflow Rules are set up within Utilities > Controls > Workflow Rules.

This Workflow Centre functionality been has provided so that a user or group of users, are able to manage transactions that have a workflow restriction or error placed on them. Using this Workflow Centre functionality, these user/s have the ability to be Approve or Reject, Workflow transactions.

This feature is available at Management > Analysis Workflow Centre

Workflow Centre Usage by Users

There will be two groups of users for workflow, those with permission to approve or reject workflow errored transactions and those that do not have permission. These two scenarios are documented next in this article.

Users That Do Not Have Permission

For user/s that do not have approval but have been granted access to the Workflow centre will still be able to view the transactions that have a workflow error as seen in the screen shot below and are able to perform the following tasks.

  • Include Approved Checkbox – When this checkbox is selected, current plus transactions that have been previously approved
  • Open Inquiry button – Once a transaction has been selected and this button selected, the user is able to open and either view or modify the transaction if required. (Unless other restrictions are placed on the user).
  • Reload Button – Selecting this button will reload the list including any that have been processed since the Workflow Centre has been accessed.
  • Close Button – At the bottom of the screen select this button to close the Workflow Centre function.

Users That Do Have Permission

For users that do have permission to approve or reject workflow errored transactions, they will be able to access the Include Approved checkbox as well as the Open Inquiry and Reload functions as listed above. However as each transaction is selected SapphireOne will now display an additional number of options across the bottom of the screen.

  • Notes Data entry field – This would be used mainly for the entering of a reason for the rejection of a transaction but could also be used to make a comment regarding the approval of a transaction as well.
  • Approve Button – Select this button to approve the processing of the transaction.
  • Reject Button – Select this button to Reject the processing of this transaction.

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