SuperStream Export - Empower Superannuation Payment Export

SuperStream Export Overview

SuperStream Export functionality provides the user with a simple method of exporting Superannuation payment details out of the SapphireOne data file, to a CSV file which may the be sent electronically to the Superannuation fund as required. 

Before this function is used the user must enter in a USI number into the employee’s master record on the Superannuation page. If an attempt is made to select an employee without a USI number entered SapphireOne will display an alert warning the of this.

This feature is located at Payroll/HR > Payroll > SuperStream Export.

SuperStream Procedure

When the SuperStream function is selected SapphireOne will display the screen as seen below.

  • The details for each employee will be displayed as well as the Pay Run number and the amount of superannuation owing for the Pay Run. There is also a history column indicating if a SuperStream export has been completed for the employee Superannuation that is owing. 
  • The user has the option of selecting each Superannuation payment one by one, or selecting a payment and then selecting the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen to automatically select all transactions matching the currently highlighted transaction. 

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