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Debug Overview

SapphireOne Debug tool has been designed specifically for the SapphireOne Price Book inquiry and is used for the purpose of updating Price Books. The user will go to the Price Book inquiry within Price Book and will typically do a search and show a subset of Price Books and select that subset of Price Books using Command E (MacOS) or Control E (Windows). Then select the SapphireOne Debug tool, and once the tool presents itself the SapphireOne user will have the ability to debug price books based on a number of criteria being either by Client or Vendor, a specific Inventory ID, Inventory Location ID or Job Project ID.

This function is used to check for errors in Price Book. 

You have the option of checking either the Client or Vendor tables. 

The Client, Inventory and Project ID data entry fields are all linked fields so a wildcard search is allowed in each one.

In SapphireOne, any data entry field with a light blue background is a linked data entry field. If you don’t know the exact ID to enter, you can replace some or all of the characters with the @ or ? characters. SapphireOne will then display a shorter list of records to select the correct ID from. For example, if you enter K@, SapphireOne will display all records beginning with K.

Moreover, if a data entry field heading is underlined, it indicates that once an ID has been entered, you can click on the underlined heading. SapphireOne will then perform a specific query for the entered ID and display a list with only a single item in it. You can then view or modify the item as normal.

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