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SapphireOne delivers world class ERP, CRM, DMS and Business Accounting Software

Game changing features that will revolutionise the way you work


Mid to large business accounting

Easy-to-use, fast and highly scalable software. Being all-inclusive, all 8 modes are within the same layout and add-ons included.


Mobile access

On-the-go sales, time sheets, delivery, invoices, quotes, inventory and stock management from any device, anywhere, in real-time.


Supply chain management

Automated purchases with inventory, logistics and stock management working together within the one solution for optimal speed and efficiency.


Sales & marketing

Fully integrated CRM manages all your contacts to gain informative insights, improve client engagement and sales through targeted marketing campaigns.


Analytics and reporting

Intelligent dashboards provide a 360° snapshot of your business. 1000’s of in-built reports or customised options to track key financial metrics.


Document Management System

Scan to sort, manage, attach files and documents electronically for access anywhere. Secure your documents and create PDF invoices directly.

Single Touch Payroll Compliant

Are you Single Touch Payroll compliant?

1st July 2019 is looming, Single Touch Payroll will be mandatory for all employers. SapphireOne gives you peace of mind by guaranteeing your business will be ATO compliant in just a few quick steps. Reporting made fast and easy…

Client testimonials

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ERP Accounting System

ERP Accounting System

Team Digital

SapphireOne is a really well-integrated system that covers sales, purchasing, General Ledger, payroll, super and a number of other tasks.

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Accounting Software Solution

Accounting Software Solution

Parker's Organic Juices

The main reason for us moving to SapphireOne was its ability to give our drivers handheld capabilities to invoice on the spot

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Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Frutex Australia

SapphireOne CRM gives us an edge and is part of the organic growth with our customers.

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Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System


SapphireOne allows us to track everything to do with a particular transaction, numbers and inventory items to the shipping.

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8 all-inclusive modes that are highly customisable and grow with your business

Intuitive software that enhances speed and performance



Receivables, is for the entry of all transactions that generate income for the company. This would be through cash sales, cash receipts or client invoices. These records directly affect the general ledger and are normally based upon paper documents. This allows for the printing of Deposits for receipt of money. You also have the ability to manage your client accounts more efficiently with SapphireOne’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software which includes tracking, invoice management, product management, activity analysis, receipt and cash receipt processing.


Payables, is for the entry of all transactions that involve expenses for the company via cash payments or vendor based Transactions. These records also directly affect the general ledger and are normally based upon paper documents. A provision is in the system for the printing of cheques for payment of monies owed. SapphireOne automates these processes that effectively manage your expenses and purchases with features that assist in tracking and processing these types of transactions which in turn increases business productivity.

General Ledger

The organisation of information within SapphireOne general ledger system is based on traditional double-entry bookkeeping. The heart of a double-entry bookkeeping system is the general ledger which is comprised of a series of accounts called the Chart of Accounts and is the core of the system where all the final totals are stored or compiled. Journals that only affect internal values are entered through general ledger. Standard types of financial reports can be printed which provides a clear, accurate and precise view of the financial standing of your organisation to assist you in managing your business effectively.



Sales allows full control of the sales process from quotes and orders, through to invoices and the production of the relevant printed documentation. This menu enables you to track movement of individual inventory items and the management of sales persons. The Inventory Sales component of SapphireOne Accounting Software Solution encompasses essential business related documentation required to manage and provide goods and services to your clients. Read one of our Australian client’s satisfaction story for SapphireOne small business accounting software package.


Purchase function is utilised for the entering of transactions relating to the purchase of goods and services for the company. The menu allows for complete control of the purchasing process from requisitions to invoicing, the production of the relevant printed documentation or reports. The tracking of inventory items is easily accessible, allowing the purchasing officer to keep track of what has been purchased and what needs to be ordered. In SapphireOne, purchase orders, invoices, picking slips and delivery dockets are created with ease. A number of standard reports are available for your business to use and also customised reports when required. All reports can be printed or exported out as a .csv file or a .pdf.


Inventory function allows full control of your inventory including adjustments, building of new products and stock transfers. Various types of reports for your inventory can be generated, this includes stock level and status report. SapphireOne provides a powerful solution to inventory control and tracking. The Inventory menu consists of three sections namely, data entry, inquiry and a number of reporting options.


The manager function delivers the ability to control various facets of your business such as auto billing, standing invoices, parent projects and importer. The manager menu has five functions allowing the consolidation or automatic processing of transactions from accounts and job projects modules. Inquiries included in the manager menu are: delivery run, manifest, importer, manager, tariff, manifest vehicle, services and rebate.

Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS) function includes all POS transactions and posting. This is a powerful retail solution that is both Windows and Mac OSX certified and can be accessed through both our traditional application and web pack solution. In addition, there is the ability to designate accessibility, this allows work stations to be set up for point of sale (POS) only, limiting access to other modules in the SapphireOne system.



The cost function is a condensed version of the payables unit in accounts mode providing access to data entry and posting functions. The cost menu in job projects can be used to allocate vendor invoices via linking each line to the job project. Once transactions from projects are transferred to accounts cheques may be produced from accounts module. This option allows tracking of revenue and costs which are related to a specific task or job, and is very easy to manage and control in SapphireOne financial system.


A resource can be anything from the employee, an item of machinery or even an inventory item. It is classified as anything that is used to assist the completion of a job project and has a costing value. The resource menu of SapphireOne ERP, CRM, DMS and Business Accounting Software is used to track and allocate resources to projects. Tracking can be done by individual resource, activity or project for example allocate time or labour to a job project.


Inventory function comprises of data entry, some inquiries, posting and reporting functionality. For the user’s convenience, access to an inventory inquiry has been placed in the job projects mode. This is used to allocate inventory items to a specific job project for current or future usage. The user may then accept those items as used or return them at a later date to stock.

Job Projects

The job projects function is structured in the same way as other menus such as inventory and accounts in SapphireOne ERP, CRM, DMS and Business Accounting Software. The job projects section is used when invoicing goods and/or services and allocating them directly to a specific project. This removes the need to link each detail line to the project, which is required when using the accounts menu. Invoices cannot be linked to a Project when using sales invoicing in inventory mode though inventory is accessed through project invoicing. This section is used to perform all tasks involved with managing the project income billing and to track costs. Project financial reports are produced from this section. These are the some of the handy features that keep your small business, or corporate business accounting system well structured, recorded and up to date.



The Assets inquiry allows for the maintenance of asset records stored in the database. This unit provides a centralised data entry point for all assets held by the company. An assets Inquiry has been designed with a number of pages that will assist the user to manage assets in the business. There is provision for entering both the company and official tax rates of depreciation which can be automatically calculated by SapphireOne. Provision is also made for the purchase and sales of assets. The assets inquiry has a management tool for the management of the low-value pool as designated by Australian Taxation Office (ATO).


The data-entry section of the transaction menu allows for the entry of all transactions relating to the management of your assets. These options can be utilise for the calculation of both company and tax office depreciation rates. In addition, the purchasing, selling, re-valuation and valuation of assets is maintained. SapphireOne Business Accounting Software, ERP system, automatically creates transactions when the user purchases, repairs, and sell assets of the company. When an assets is purchased or sold and the system has been set up correctly, it will automatically calculate asset value and any depreciation figures that are needed. This area stores all changes that are made to an asset and when the end of month procedure is executed the system will create monthly depreciation transactions.


The Reports unit within the Assets module of the SapphireOne Accounting Software provides all accounting information needed for the management of your Asset Registry. These reporting functions allow for the generation of reports that can be used for all levels of asset management. In the report section, there is a sub-menu called Asset Capital Allowances Report which complies with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) reporting requirements for depreciating assets. Depreciating assets include low value pool and capital allowances schedule for the current year. With asset management SapphireOne complies with Australian accounting standards.


Review all historical transactions in the database relating to your assets via the history menu- this provides a list of all historical transactions in the database. By default, only the current month’s transactions are displayed. For audit lines, a historical record is kept here. For assets depreciation historical record, the user has to go to utilities module and from there select history and then transactions.



The Payroll menu provides access to all regular activities for each payrun. The HR Payroll module within SapphireOne Payroll Business Accounting Software is a powerful tool which allows for the easy setup of pay runs, end of month/year reports and management of each employee’s pay details.  This menu allows for the setup of both permanent and temporary arrangements for your employee’s pay.


There are a number of reports available for the use of payroll offices. Some of these reports are: Transaction Reports, Pay Run Summaries, Pay Slip Summaries, Employee Activities, Distribution, Superannuation Report and Reconciliation. The selection of reports is easy and the financial management service functionality enables payrolls, once set up, to be easily managed. SapphireOne is not only for bookkeepers and accountants but for other employees who need to manage a company’s finances.


The Administration menu within the Payroll module of the SapphireOne ERP, CRM & DMS Business Accounting Software for macOS and Windows is where you setup your payroll requirements.Here you can create and maintain everything such as employee and award entitlements details. There are also provisions within this menu for the setting up and maintaining of the following items – allowance and deduction details, general ledger details, tax scale details, employee, allowance and deduction details. Tax Scales are provided by SapphireOne as a small text file for importation directly into the system, eliminating the need for any data entry for this function. Customised tax scale may also be set up and used in special cases.


The History menu within the payroll module provides access to an array of printable historical reports related to your company’s payroll activities. Leave liabilities are automatically stored within the system in the general ledger accounts which may be accessed at any time by your payroll officer. SapphireOne also provides a method of quickly re-printing employees last payslip. SapphireOne has a proven track record developing Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP software for businesses worldwide. Features and flexibility are the main focus of SapphireOne ERP system.



The Analysis component provides a number of standard financial reports that are used to view various aspects of the company’s financial position. These reports are Statement of Position, Cash Movements, Accounts Movements, Tax Calculation, Months Activities for Payroll, Bank Audit and Bank Reconciliation Report. Months activities for payroll provides a summarised view of the transactions that have been processed for the current month, for Payroll. In addition, there is provision in the tax calculation items for the reporting of your taxation liability. In Australia this provides a digital means of preparing and lodging your Business Activity Statements (BAS). In addition to the BAS there is also a GST summary accrual report available for viewing or printing.


Management menu provides access to functions that are used to end a number of periods. These include individual period ending from clients through to general ledger. There is also the option for ending groups of periods for example financial periods and  is where end-of-year (EOY), functions are executed. This EOY function is for the closing of financial books at the end of a financial year. End-of-year reports may be run for financials, assets and payroll, either together or at different times. No further transactions can be entered into the year once the end-of-year function has been run. This means that your Business ERP management is easy within SapphireOne. It should be noted that SapphireOne has the ability to run several companies within the same data file, that each company may be run in completely independent periods to other companies in ther same data file.


There are standard transaction audit style reports for receivables, payables and general ledger transactions and these are also printed through this menu item. There are three audit reports available, receivables, payables and general ledger transactions. These reports will assist with the reconciling of your control accounts. General ledger transactions provides you with a necessary tool to assist in the reconciling of all transactions within your database. It is because of this that SapphireOne delivers a unique ERP & Financial Management Software suite for financial services companies. With an excellent business management capability, SapphireOne’s Business Accounting Software Solution integrates every aspect of any business and provides optimal management and control.



The History menu is the main area of activity for viewing transactions that the system has moved into history. This area has three inquiries that allow visual access to the internals of SapphireOne data.

The Allocation Inquiry enables the viewing of record allocations detailing both the records allocated from and the records allocated to.

The Transactions Inquiry function allows you to view all of the historical and current transactions held within your data file. All transactions are available for examination and can be searched, sorted and reported on as required.

The last item on the history menu is the Audit Lines Inquiry and this allows viewing of the Audit Lines and the printing of reports. The Audit Lines file holds the double-entry data for each transaction. This inquiry has an option on the tools menu that enables the viewing of record allocations detailing both the records allocated from and the records allocated to.


The Controls component allows the user access to setting up default perimeters within data files. A user who is the system administrator is normally the only user allowed to access these functions.

These perimeters range from setting up user access to your companies details through to transaction and customisation items. Defaults for all of these items are set up and maintained from this area in SapphireOne. In addition, if foreign exchange (FX) is involved in the data file, a menu item allows the user to set the FX rate for each currency.


The utilities menu is where you customise functions within the SapphireOne system. These specific functions enable the user to manage the data file and to perform any procedure or checking that may need to be run on the data file from time to time. In this menu if a server has been set up, remote access to it is provided for in this utilities section.



This menu contains a number of items which are common to functions within the SapphireOne system. These items may be linked to any number of functions, so common access is provided here for management of these items. When the Contact, Action or Document function is selected from the page drop down menu from a specific function, a link to that function is automatically made by the system. For example, when a Contact, Action or document from a Vendor Inquiry is created they will be automatically linked to the specific Vendor that is currently on screen being modified.

When these items are selected here from the General menu in Workbook mode, additional linkages may be made to contact actions or documents to other functions or transactions of some type. When they are created here this linkage is not automatically made by the system unless the user specifically creates the linkage. The system also has provision for the making of Leave Requests which may be made from this General menu. The SapphireOne system also keeps a Phone Log from the SpliceCom phone system if installed. Access to this phone log is limited to administrators who have permission to see all of the logs, while a user is limited to viewing the calls made by themselves.


Workbook mode is used when access for a user is to be granted to a very limited number of items or functions within the SapphireOne system. By default, the workbook option displays two drop down menus, Workbook and Workbook2, on the main toolbar and access may be limited to these two menus. The items that the user will see and have access to, are set up in the menu page of a User Preference file. The number of items in each menu is set from a selection made in this User Preference file.

The second menu, Workbook2, displays the overflow of items from the first Workbook.

Multi-Company Services

Unlimited companies and currencies in one data file


Unlimited Companies

Unlimited access with consolidation and visibility of information worldwide


Multi Tax Rates

Apply tax rates for each country and state to produce financial year ends in local currencies



Automate worldwide exchange rates for transactions and reports in multiple currencies

SapphireOne Solutions

Computing environment in SapphireOne


On Premise

In order to obtain the SapphireOne On Premise service, an On Premise software must be installed on your computer or local server.


The Sapphire Web Pack solution allows for unlimited users to access certain parts of the live data file from a mobile device or any device that has a browser.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Mac

SapphireOne Document Management System (DMS) makes life easier

No more never ending paper work or ploughing through documents


Create PDF invoices

Digitally scan and secure your documents. Create PDF invoices directly for posting or emailing customers and vendors.

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Simplify Payroll System

Staff can easily access information and records of their jobs – leave, wages. Scan and attach official documents of employees.

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Access Remotely

Access your files and documents remotely using Sapphire Web Pack on any device – iPhone, iPad, Android Smartphone, tablet, laptop and desktop.

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SapphireOne: The ERP, CRM, DMS and Business Enterprise Financial Accounting Software

SapphireOne provides a complete solution that integrates all aspects of your business enterprise enhancing speed and performance. The SapphireOne architecture encompasses a comprehensive range of business wide processes and consolidates them into a single unified database. Multiple companies can be run across multiple foreign exchange (FX) markets within the one data file.  Our software has the ability to customise and grow with you, which makes managing every aspect of your business a breeze.

For over 30 years, thousands of business have trusted SapphireOne for their CRM, ERP, DMS and Business Accounting Software and enterprise business needs. To read SapphireOne’s reviews from external sources visit the following :  ZDNet: Technology News, Analysis, Comments and Product Reviews , MacNews Category Review: sales solution software for the Mac, SPS Commerce – EDI Provider

Support Unlimited Companies

SapphireOne ERP, CRM, DMS and Business Enterprise Financial Accounting Software solution provides Accounts, Inventory, Job/Project Management, Assets, HR, Payroll, Document Management, Business Activity Statement (BAS), Standard Business Reporting (SBR), ATO Single Touch Payroll, VoIP Softphone, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) all in the one application. SapphireOne allows for unlimited companies and has multiple tax jurisdiction functionality. The SapphireOne application is deployable on both Windows and Mac OS concurrently.

Compliance With Standards

SapphireOne’s sole purpose is to ease the flow of information between all business enterprise processes within your organisation. SapphireOne with its superior search and reporting abilities makes SapphireOne your complete business enterprise solution. It is a multi user (client/server) business management software suite complying with Australian Accounting Standards. SapphireOne accounting package is simple & smart, yet full-featured and easy to use for small, medium to large business enterprises.

Ideal Business Solution

Processes such as Human Resources Management, Supply Chain Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM)Financial Accounting, Bookkeeping, Reporting, Manufacturing, Warehouse Management and Logistics which were previously stand alone software applications are now all working under a single Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP Software, the SapphireOne Business Solution.
Contact us to experience a free live demo and to find out more on how SapphireOne can improve your business enterprise performance.


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SapphireOne’s sole purpose is to ease the flow of information between all business enterprise processes within your organisation.

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