SapphireOne excels in providing all features required to perform inventory management

SapphireOne Inventory Structure

sapphireone accounting software inventory window

The Inventory Mode links to the General Ledger through the Invoices file and then through the Transactions file. SapphireOne Inventory acts like the General Ledger in the Accounts Mode, but with substantially more information and more transaction levels being used.

The image illustrated here is the main menu items as they appear across the top of the screen on your computer when you first start the SapphireOne Application and select Inventory Mode .

The items that are available for selection are from Sales through to POS.

Master Default Settings

Before using SapphireOne the user is strongly advised to go to Utilities mode and select Master Defaults:
Utilities \ Controls \ Master Defaults \ Inventory & Invoices Pages
All of the Pages from Master Defaults should be checked when setting up a new system but for Inventory mode two in particular are very important and affect the operation and functionality of the Inventory mode of operation in SapphireOne as a whole.

Menu and Sub Menu

After selecting Inventory from the 1st Menu (Mode) the 2nd menu is displayed to extend the functionalities of Inventory mode.

Fine tuning with SapphireOne Tools

There are lots of tools available in all modules of SapphireOne ERP Enterprise business Accounting software which are useful for custom management of accounting system and fine tuning.