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ATO's Single Touch Payroll

ATO’s Single Touch Payroll a new online payroll requirement designed to streamline business obligations, enabling employers to report salaries, wages, bonuses, pay-as-you-go withholding (PAYG) directly to the Australian Tax Office after each pay event.

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Payroll DMS

SapphireOne Document Management System is management software that has a simple drag and drop option making the storage and retrieval of documents easy. Unlimited documents can be stored and secured reduced the amount of HR paperwork.

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SapphireOne Payroll Software

One Solution to manage your payroll needs

Payroll software functionality

SapphireOne Payroll software is a management software designed to provide a normal Pay Run during each financial period. A Pay Run can be as short as a week, a fortnight, or a month. When necessary, the defaults can be altered quickly, either permanently or temporarily for a Pay Run, without affecting any subsequent Pay Runs.  Single Employee, out-of-phase Pay Runs are provided, together with Pay slip and report printing, with figures being gathered for end of period totals. Termination pays, with their final payout actions, are also provided.
Your planning should include the required Employee classes (groups, or cost centres) within your business that require separate reporting figures and separate groups within your allowance and deduction areas.

Company details, Allowances, Deductions, General Ledger, Awards, Employee’s Details, and other data will need to be entered into those areas of the database. Check all of these details before continuing. The General Ledger can and should be imported from your SapphireOne Financials program.

When all is completed and checked, the program can be run. With the output of Pay slips and reports, totals to date are easily available on the screen or in various printed reports.

Effective Payroll management

SapphireOne HR Payroll software allows you to automatically perform the HR payroll management for your employees. This alleviates the need to work out the allowances and taxes manually. The pay slips are generated automatically on pay run. You can set up standing or permanent arrangement for your employee’s pay, these arrangements can be modified easily, as required.

Employee information is displayed as part of the data entry screen. You need only to select the appropriates tabs to view employee, allowance, leave and miscellaneous information.Manage payroll is easily with SapphireOne HR Payroll software services.

Run and view Payroll history

SapphireOne HR payroll Reporting menu offers substantial reporting functionality to service payroll and human resource requirements. In particular, this area caters for leave reporting, pay slips, payment summaries and superannuation.

SapphireOne HR Payroll software ‘s Administration section forms the backbone to SapphireOne HR payroll process. It covers various activities including holding your historical transactions, your system defaults and the rules by which you require your data file to be controlled. Custom tools and functions are held here for security purposes.

SapphireOne Payroll Structure

sapphireone accounting software payroll services windows

SapphireOne HR Payroll services covers diverse enterprise business requirements, with links to SapphireOne financials for updating information. These easy to use features include modifying an employee, class, inquiry, award entitlements, leave, remuneration inquiry, allowances, tax, scales, reports, and employee benefits.

HR Payroll Services

SapphireOne HR Payroll services allows for:

  • Unlimited allowances or deductions calculated by $value, % or hours.
  • Download of timesheets, labour hire and personal services payment summaries from SapphireOne financials
  • Automatic generation of standard payslips that can be modified, if required.
  • Automatic calculation of tax.
  • Allocation of pay to multiple bank accounts by $value or %.
  • Re run selected payslips before close-off.
  • Multiple styles for payslips.
  • Full reporting functions and
  • Tax scale inquiry and tax scale importing.

HR Payroll checklist

One of SapphireOne HR Payroll software greatest asset is the HR payroll checklist. This has two main advantages:

  • If there are no changes to employee pay details, the pay can be performed within this screen or
  • The checklist can be referred to ensure that all pay duties have been completed.

User Access Restrictions

A quick look of SapphireOne user access restriction for Payroll Module

Master users

Master users able to access all companies at the same time are not allowed to process any financial data of any type and this includes Payruns.

Payroll Officer

Any user, who is to function as the Payroll Officer, will have to be given a specific user access to the company that the Payruns are to be processed in.

Multiple user logins

This may or may not be the same user. If it is the same user they will simply have access to multiple user logins available, to use when accessing each company.

Administration and History menus

While access to almost all of the items on the Reports, Administration and History menus is allowed for Master users, none of these items in these menus involve the actual processing of any financial data and document management.

Multi Company

For Multi Company data files, a user file with permissions for a Payroll Officer will have to be set up for each company in the data file.

Single company

For a data file with just a single company in it, the Payroll Officer will have to log in to that company with the required permissions set in his user file. In particular, in the User Access area, the Payroll checkbox will have to be selected.

Streamline Reporting with Single Touch Payroll

SapphireOne is fully compliant with Single Touch Payroll

How Single Touch Payroll works?

When an employer pays its employees using a Single Touch Enabled payment solution, a bank slip, bank file, Employees’ tax and Employer Super information is generated. Watch the Video

Advantages of Single Touch Payroll?

An Employer who implements a Single Touch Payroll Solution is absolved of the need to provide payment summaries and annual payment reports to its employees and the Australian Tax office respectively. Watch a Video

Streamline Reporting

How Single Touch Payroll helps to streamline reporting.

Fine tuning with SapphireOne Tools

There are lots of tools available in all modules of SapphireOne ERP Accounting software which are useful
for custom management of your accounting system and fine tuning.