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There are various tools in SapphireOne ERP to customise and manage your accounting system and for the fine tuning of your software.

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Customer Service

Standard Business Reporting (SBR) in SapphireOne

The Payroll/HR mode within SapphireOne is a powerful tool which allows for the easy set-up of pay runs, end-of-month/year reports and managing employees pay details.

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Review of your business performance in SapphireOne Management

Management Mode Structure

sapphireone accounting software management structure windows

Within management mode very little financial data is entered. There are three main sub menus-  Management, Analysis and Audit.


Extensive Reporting

Management mode provides reports that go from basic summaries to very detailed reports drawn from data that has been entered into the SapphireOne system.

Financial Periods and audits

The closing of all financial periods and audit reports is accessed with the use of two simple drop down menus.

Management Section Structure

The Management menu provides access to functions that are only used periodically

sapphireone accounting software management end of year

Export Financials

This allows the standard reports to be exported out as text files whilst retaining the basic format.

Period Ends first group

These Period End options from Clients through to General Ledger allow the rollover of these files into the next financial period individually.

Period Ends Second group

Period End for Financial, Assets and Payroll allow for the running of period ends individually for each mode.

Period End All

This allows the rollover of All files into the next financial period.

End Standing Transactions

This enables the immediate execution of standing transactions which normally occur after the period end function has been completed.

End of Year, Financials, Assets, Payroll

This is a custom function for the closing of the financial books at the end of a financial year. End of year may be run for Financials, Assets or Payroll either together or at different times. No further transactions can be entered into the year that has had the End of Year function run against it.

Analysis Section Structure

The Analysis menu provides a number of reports of your financial position and taxation liability

sapphireone accounting software management analysis window

Analysis menu within management mode of SapphireOne ERP, CRM, DMS & business accounting software allows access to screens that summarise data from the SapphireOne database for quick review including Statement of Position reports, Business Activity Statements (BAS) and Bank Reconciliation reports.

This menu contains all the items that are used to view different parts of your data. It provides you with a quick view of your financial position taking into account your Client balances, Vendor balances and main bank account.

Month’s Activities

This gives a summarised view of the transactions that have been processed for the current month, in regards to Clients and Vendors. This also shows aged Vendor and Client balances.

Cash Movements

This gives a view of the movement of money through your business.

Accounts Movements

You can view up to six periods of your General Ledger summarised into GL Types. The data can then be exported from here.

Tax Calculation

This summarises the transactions within a defined period and works out Tax to be paid or received. For Australian customers, this is where the BAS, Business Activity Statements are calculated and processed, including the ability to produce an electronic version for import to the ECI client.

Statement of Position II

This gives a more detailed view of your financial position than the standard Statement of Position. This overview includes Accounts, Inventory, Invoices, Projects and Bank Account information.

Months Activities for Payroll

This gives a summarised view of the transactions that have been processed for the current month for Payroll.

Bank Reconciliation Report

This prints a report of all of the transactions that remain unreconciled in the selected bank account.

Bank Audit Report

This prints a report of all the posted entries which remain unreconciled in the selected bank account.

BAS Reporting

New Option Available

Pay by Instalment Amount or Pay by Instalment Rate

Business Activity Return

Audit Section Structure

The Audit menu allows for auditing and tracking all financial transaction

SapphireOne Accounting Software management management audit report for windows

The Audits Menu contains all the items that are used to produce reports on the transaction files. There are three singular audit reports available, Receivables, Payables  and General Ledger Transactions.

Receivables, Payables and General Ledger Transactions

Receivables Transactions and Payables Transactions Reports will assist with the reconciling of your control accounts.

General Ledger Transactions provides a necessary tool to assist with the reconciling of your database.

Audit Reports

Standard Transaction Audit style Reports for Receivables, Payables and General Ledger Transactions are printed through this menu item. When you select any of these, a pop-up of yes/no selection will appear. The ‘yes’ will print a report of all records awaiting an audit report. When there are no records there will be a message to say No records to be printed.

Fine tuning with SapphireOne Tools

There are lots of tools available in all modules of SapphireOne ERP Enterprise business Accounting software which are useful for custom management of accounting system and fine tuning.