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Sapphire Technical Support

*Your support code is a combination of your client code followed by your unique five digit PIN number. Your client code can be discovered on your SapphireOne invoices. Your PIN number is indicated on the toolbar of SapphireOne (e.g. “SAPONE12345”). 

Stage One is a SapphireOne Client will identify a requirement for technical support on Sapphire. Once this requirement is identified, the Client is encouraged to make a support booking via our online support*. This will initially be responded to by a SapphireOne technical support officer. Initially, this may be just a simple response in answer to the query. Alternatively, it may be a link to the SapphireOne Knowledge Base and this could then progress onto the analysis by a SapphireOne engineer of the particular query that the Client has via TeamViewer. In this process it may be established that there exists some incorrect functionality within SapphireOne and this may be updated in a subsequent version of the SapphireOne application. Every time SapphireOne releases a new version, we produce Release Notes within the SapphireOne Knowledge Base with the relevant Tracking Note numbers.

Stage Two may take place if it is identified by the SapphireOne Support team that the Client requires further training by a training consultant, either individually with one user or with a group of users. Training does not fall under standard support.

During Stage Three it may be identified that the client requires Sapphire Consulting, in which a Sapphire technical support officer will investigate the relevant client data file. This will require a current copy of the client’s data file to be uploaded to the SapphireOne File Station. We encourage our clients to make regular updates to the File Station. This is a secure repository for offsite back-ups. Our Support team will then make an analysis of the client’s technological requirements, limitations and current capabilities. The Sapphire Support officer can perform an audit on the client’s data file to determine whether there is an internal issue and to ensure all data matches. A Sapphire Consultant will closely assist the client for all professional services, for example, Installing Version Updates, Data Activities, Data Mapping, Data Cleansing, Bank Reconciliations and more.

Stage Four may be that the Client and the software engineer have identified that what is required is a new functionality within the SapphireOne application, and at this point, the development team will provide a quote after receiving an extensive written brief. If approved and upon payment of the invoice, our team will commence with custom programming.