Web Pack Features

The Web Pack comes with a number of standard functions with user access easily controlled by the system administrator. Customisation of the Web Pack to suit your business needs is also available on request.

Standard Inquiry Functions

Client records
Vendor records
Tracking notes
Order lists

Standard Data Entry Functions

Project time sheets
Resource time sheets
Point of sale
Customer order
Digital signature panels


Standard Data Entry Functions


The SapphireOne standard data entry functions include:

Project Time Sheets

Allow managers to enter project time sheets to allocate one or more resources to a single project while in the field

Resource Time Sheets

Allow resources to log in to enter time sheets that automatically update the data back at the office

Point of Sale

Easily set up multiple POS terminals for minimal outlay, or allow staff to move around the floor and enter transactions on the fly. When using the mobile functionality, transactions can be either finished back at the main terminal or, if equipped with the latest technology, payments can be processed on mobile devices to allow for quick and easy customer service


A basic scan pack functionality that allows users to easily transfer stock from one location to another


A basic scan pack functionality that allows users to either convert vendor orders into stock or convert client orders into invoices for delivery

Digital Signature

Clients can sign on-the-spot delivery receipts, quotes, orders and invoices via a pop-up signature screen with either a pen or fingertip. Deliveries and sales are recorded in real-time on the SapphireOne server for all relevant departments to view

Standard Inquiry Functions


The SapphireOne standard inquiry functions are:

Client Records

Create and maintain detailed and accurate customer information on the run. The Web Pack allows users to also check client balances & invoices, create quotes/orders/invoices and load or open documents linked to the client. Once an eWAY account has been set-up, users can process credit cards within the system without the need for 3rd party Merchant Hardware

Vendor Records

Create and maintain detailed and accurate vendor information on the run. The Web Pack allows users to check vendor balances & invoices, create purchase orders/invoices and load or check documents linked to the vendor


Create and view actions from within the datafile to keep a record and calendar note of things to do

Tracking notes

Create and maintain tracking notes entered into the system

Order Lists

Shows a list of all current, delivered and historical client orders/invoices within the system