Web Pack Features

The Web Pack comes with a number of standard functions with user access easily controlled by the system administrator.
Customisation of the Web Pack to suit your business needs is also available on request.


Client records
Vendor records
Tracking notes
Order lists


Retail checkout
Inventory management
Payment options
Customer profiles

Data Entry

Project time sheets
Resource time sheets
Customer order
Digital signature panels


Point of Sale

Sapphire Web Pack is a highly scalable, fast and flexible POS solution.


Access real-time data to sell and get paid faster while on the move.

Manage your inventory and warehousing so staff always know what stock is on-hand.

Start making informed decisions.

Multi-location retail and inventory management


Cross-channel real-time visibility


Track profitability


360° customer view


Standard Data Entry Functions

Sapphireone Web Pack standard data entry

The Sapphire standard data entry functions include:

Project Time Sheets

Allow managers to enter project time sheets to allocate one or more resources to a single project while in the field.

Resource Time Sheets

Allow resources to log in to enter time sheets that automatically update the data back at the office.

Customer Order

If your client has their own login and password they may enter their own orders via the Sapphire WebPack.


A basic scan pack functionality that allows users to easily transfer stock from one location to another.

Stock Count

Provides current stock quantities and prices in real-time.


A basic scan pack functionality that allows users to either convert vendor orders into stock or convert client orders into invoices for delivery.

Client Sales - Quote/Order/Invoice

Select your Client, choose the inventory items, apply your prices and email your quote directly to your client.

Once you have populated your order with the client and product information, enter the expected delivery date and client purchase order number. You can then email the confirmation back to the client.

Client Invoice is ideal where you want to generate an invoice via your browser, payment can be generated, with the ability to capture an electronic signature for proof of delivery. You can email the client invoice with the electronic signature on the client invoice.

Client Receipt

Creating a client receipt from your browser and enter credit card details and process real-time via by Stripe.

Vendor Purchases Order/ Invoice

Raise a purchase order from your browser and email directly to your vendor.

Enter purchase vendor invoices via your browser to allow quick entry of arrivals of product or services.

Vendor Invoices

Entering Vendor invoice via the Sapphire WebPack is ideal for remote staff entering their expenses.

Leave Request

Sapphire WebPack allows any staff member to submit their leave request and view their current leave status.


Register a visitor at your work place via your ipad or iphone, also capture their image, signature and date & time of arrival and departure.

Digital Signature

Clients can sign on-the-spot delivery receipts, quotes, orders and invoices via a pop-up signature screen with either a pen or fingertip. Deliveries and sales are recorded in real-time on the Sapphire server for all relevant departments to view.

Standard Inquiry Functions

Sapphire Web Pack standard inquiry iPad

The Sapphire standard inquiry functions are:

Client Inquiry

Create and maintain detailed and accurate customer information on the run. The Web Pack allows users to also check client balances & invoices, create quotes/orders/invoices and load or open documents linked to the client. Once an eWAY account has been set-up, users can process credit cards within the system without the need for 3rd party Merchant Hardware.

Vendor Inquiry

Create and maintain detailed and accurate vendor information on the run. The Web Pack allows users to check vendor balances & invoices, create purchase orders/invoices and load or check documents linked to the vendor.


Create and view actions from within the datafile to keep a record and calendar note of things to do.

Tracking notes

Create and maintain tracking notes entered into the system.

Order Lists

Shows a list of all current, delivered and historical client orders/invoices within the system.

Stock List

A quick view of current stock levels, standard prices, location, matrix details etc.