SapphireOne SQL

SapphireOne SQL - Rapid access in real time - All the time

In 2008 SapphireOne changed its database management system to SQL compliant relational database for the ongoing development, scalability, reliability and performance of Sapphire and SapphireOne software. This change has dramatically improved the processing speeds and removed all restrictions on data file sizes. It is all part of the SapphireOne software suite which eliminates the need for  installing additional SQL packages or the need for any other additional server. There is no additional cost for the database as it is part of the standard purchase price. SapphireOne can draw the information out of the existing financial system via Excel and import into SapphireOne so that the actual structure can remain similar or the same. At this time, alteration and improvements could be made as well, if required.


Instant access in real time. SapphireOne’s capacity to process massive amounts of information on the fly means you can have any number of people access your database simultaneously and continue to receive peak performance.


Boundless, incalculable, infinite. Throw everything you have into your data file and then pack in some more …


SQL gives you the power to manipulate and retrieve your information any which way you want. Reports, queries, searches you name it – SQL gets it.

Fine tuning with SapphireOne Tools

There are lots of tools available in all modules of SapphireOne ERP Enterprise business Accounting software which are useful for custom management of accounting system and fine tuning.