Drowning In Your Business Documents?

SapphireOne Document Management System

DMS makes life easier

For most transaction types within the SapphireOne system, there is the provision for attaching/storing documents. These may be in the form of PDF created by the system or scanned manually to a file. There is no limit to the types of files that may be stored including movies but consideration will have to be given to the size of the data file as some of these file types may make the data file very large.


Every invoice, receipt, delivery docket, cheque and bank statement can now be scanned, attached and shredded. With SapphireOne’s world-first document management system you can attach electronic copies of your documents inside your actual data file.


Mounds of certificates, tax declarations, resumes and contracts are reduced to mere kilobytes. In SapphireOne, you can store any type of file you like from text files and spreadsheets to image, sound and movie files – and it’s all stored exactly where you need it.


Access insurance contracts, warranties, service dockets and receipts with just a few clicks of your mouse. Everything is on hand when you need it.

Fine tuning with SapphireOne Tools

There are lots of tools available in all modules of SapphireOne ERP Enterprise business Accounting software which are useful for custom management of accounting system and fine tuning.