Search in SapphireOne

Search, sort and report on any data field in any table in the database

SapphireOne provides a number of functions of various complexity from a very simple find function to a user-created, detailed query. These search, sort and report functions are all available from the Options drop-down menu on the main toolbar of SapphireOne ERP CRM and Business Accounting Software solution.


SapphireOne supplies you with some seriously powerful search tools. You may search on a single field, or perform a global search to find records across your entire data file.


Design your search criteria in SapphireOne’s powerful query editor. Utilising this ingenious tool you can add as many conditions as you like to refine your search criteria and dig out those elusive records.


Whether you require a rough and ready report or a refined and sophisticated review, SapphireOne’s reporting facilities are boundless. Choose inbuilt reports or create your own with simple drag and drop functionality, output your information to a quick, self-designed report.