Accounting Software to Manage Multiple Companies


Run as many companies in as many locations, nationwide or across the globe, all from within the one data file.


Specify a different currency for each location to buy and sell in, and choose the currency for your information to display in.

Tax Jurisdictions

Handle an unlimited number of companies that sit within different tax jurisdictions, have their own financial year-ends and trade in their own local currency.


Access all your locations from anywhere. You can report on individual locations or on the entire group from wherever you choose to be.



Global consolidation for multiple entities across seperate locations, currencies and tax jurisdictions – for no additional licences or costs.

Best Multi Company Accounting Software


PayRoll Software for Multiple Companies

SapphireOne PayRoll software for multiple companies gives you the ability to allocate employee costs across multiple companies, set up employee locations within a company profile, allocate employees at multiple companies to their relevant location, credit hours and costs to specific locations, split costs across multiple companies, and much more.

Manage Unlimited Companies

SapphireOne multi company accounting software is included at no additional cost to the user. This sets us apart from our competitors, as SapphireOne users have the ability to run an unlimited number of enterprises within the one application for NO additional license fees or costs within a single data file.

One Single Data File

Managing multiple companies within a single data file means that you no longer have to exit out of one company’s database to work in another, simplifying accounts payables and spending across all entities by having one integrated accounting application to house all information.

Centralised Data and Reporting

SapphireOne’s multi company accounting software facilitates companies to share centralised data, providing easy access to all reports and data across separate entities.

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