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Custom Modify Overview

The Sapphire Custom Modify tool allows the user to make changes to posted records.

Fields which can be modified are Date in, Date Due, External Reference, Tag, Check Status and Memo. Why would a user want to change or modify a posted record? In the vast majority of cases a posted record will never be modified on occasion it may be reversed using the Sapphire reverse transaction tool or very occasionally the data entry user may have incorrectly entered a particular field. for example the date, in the due date, external reference, tag, check status, memo, may have incorrect information. The Sapphire Custom Modify tool will then allow a user to custom modify those very specific and limited fields within the data entry table.

A warning will be displayed prior to SapphireOne allowing changes to be made to these fields. 

When using the Custom Modify tool Date Changes will not be allowed to any transaction that is linked to a BAS. A pop up will warn the user of this when they attempt it. 

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