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The Sapphire Email Custom Reports tool enables the SapphireOne user to email a custom report or multiple custom reports directly from their SapphireOne data file. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to send their personalised and customised data reports instantaneously from SapphireOne to one or multiple recipients i.e. clients, vendors, etc.

The Sapphire Custom Report feature allows users to create a myriad of different reports from all available data tables and fields from within SapphireOne. Sapphire Custom Report allows for the customisation of both the presentation and data displayed in a report to fulfil a company or organisations unique requirements. 

For example, you may have a client that makes orders for large quantities of inventory from your organisation on a daily, weekly, monthly, etc. basis. Due to the significant amount of orders, you may wish to create a customised report that includes all the data on Order Invoices for that particular client. The SapphireOne user can then utilise the Sapphire Email Custom Reports tool to email and send a custom report in a text file pdf. or csv. of all the aggregated data in a table format related to that particular client.

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