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Workbook > General > Actions > Set Complete Date

Set Complete Date Overview

The Sapphire Set Complete Date tool enables the SapphireOne user to set a finish date for any Action within SapphireOne. This gives the user the ability to set an end or completion date alongside a time to maintain accuracy for Actions that are linked to the SapphireOne Calendar.

All actions have a Complete Date data entry field where the user may enter in a completed date when the action is considered to be completed. When heavy usage is made of the Actions function is SaphireOne the user will find that they are often opening and entering a Complete Date in dozens of actions at a time.

The user will note that the Dates & Times area is where the Complete Date is entered. In the screenshot below a complete date has not been entered so it is set at the default of 00/00/00.

Set Complete Date Procedure

First go to Workbook > General and select the Actions option from the menu. Once the list of actions is on screen, select/highlight the actions that are to have a Completed Date entered or reset.

Next select the Set Complete Date item from Sapphire tools menu.

The alert as seen to the right will be displayed.

Enter the date that you want all of the selected/highlighted actions to be set to.

When you have entered a date select the OK-Button button.

All of the selected/highlighted actions will now have their Completed date either entered or re-set.

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