Open Linked Invoices

The Sapphire Open Linked Invoices tool enables the SapphireOne user to view any invoices that are linked to the selected transaction currently displayed. Within SapphireOne the user has the ability to create various invoices depending on the specific order or transaction from either a Client or Vendor and allocate those invoices to a particular transaction.

For example, you may be reviewing the transaction history of a client and notice there is an outstanding balance on a particular transaction. The SapphireOne user can then click on that transaction and utilise the Open Linked Invoices tool to view all the invoices allocated to that transaction. This enables the user to identify which invoice is unpaid by matching the remaining amount to the invoice.

The Open Linked Invoices tool will open any linked Invoices for the currently displayed transactions in the list on screen. For example, from Accounts mode selecting a transaction and then selecting the Open Linked Invoices tools will result in SapphireOne displaying the invoices that are linked/allocated to the transactions in the list on screen. 

Where Used: Numerous Locations 

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