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Clone overview

SapphireOne’s Clone functionality allows the user to quickly and efficiently clone various SapphireOne data sources. It is a very unique and powerful tool that eliminates some of the time washing data entry when establishing some items withing your data file. One example could be that you’re starting a new department within your company and you want to clone your General Ledger to the new department. You would simply go to General Ledger inquiry and select all using Command A (Mac OS) or Control A (Windows. Then from the Sapphire Tools menu, select the Clone tool. The when an alert is displayed enter the ID for the new department.

For example, you may already have an office in Belgium and then decide to open an office in England so the simplest way forward would be to Clone all your inventory from Belgium to the English department or English location within your inventory locations. SapphireOne’s Clone tool will simply duplicate everything that you’ve chosen as a subset, or all your inventory and put it in the new location. It’s very quick, efficient and can be used on a number of different tables with SapphireOne. as follows.

General Ledger, Resource, User Access, and a User Preference inquiries. For all of these inquiries an alert will follow the selection of the Clone tool. This alert will ask the user to input some details specific to the Cloning operation currently in progress.

The results attained will be uniquely dependent on the type of inquiry when the cloning procedure is used. The basic principal in using clone, is that the item is duplicated exactly, with the only difference being the ID. You will be asked to enter in a new ID each time as indicated in the screen below. For Cloning your G/L you will be asked to select and enter a new Department ID.

For this example we will clone a user from a User Access Inquiry. There is a specific reason for using this inquiry as the it is critical that the user enters a new User Name and Password, as well as entering a new ID for the newly cloned user.
To do this go to: Utilities > Controls > User Access Inquiry.

  • Select User – First highlight or select the user that you want to Clone.
  • Cloning tool – Next select the Clone tool from Sapphire Tools.
  • Clone Alert – An alert will be displayed as seen below asking the user to enter in a new user ID.
    • User ID –  Choose carefully as the new user will be entering this when they log into SapphireOne.
  • Change Details Alert – The new user will be set up with exactly the same rights and privileges as the original user an alert will advise that you will need to check all the details for the new user.
    • New User Name & Password – The most obvious detail you will notice is that the new user will have the same User Name and Password as the Cloned User. Change as required!

For this example we will use the Clone tool from a General Ledger Inquiry.
The Clone function in a General Ledger Inquiry allows you to Clone G/L Accounts to a different department. You may clone the G/L Accounts one at a time.

However, when using Clone in a General Ledger Inquiry you are allowed to make a selection of a number of G/L accounts to clone, or all of them.  SapphireOne will then clone ALL of the G/L accounts that are highlighted

  • Select G/L Accounts – First highlight or select the G/L accounts that are to be Cloned to the new department.
  • Cloning tool – Next select the Clone tool from Sapphire Tools.
  • Clone Alert – An alert will be displayed as seen below asking the user to select a department.
  • Department ID –  Choose carefully as the new G/L accounts will all that this department ID added to them.
  • Checking Selections – Before proceeding, check carefully as this procedure may not be undone!
  • Processing – When checking has been done select the button. The processing of the new G/L accounts will commence immediately.
  • Results – Each and every G/L account that was cloned will be displayed in a list as seen below.

The clone function for all other functions operate in a similar manner to the two described above. 

Inventory now uses Clone to Location which is documented in another article. 

You can review our Blog and YouTube channel for additional information and resources on SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software.

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