General Ledger Audit Tool - Uncover Inconsistencies In Your General Ledger

General Ledger Audit Tool Overview

The General Ledger Audit tool picks up any errors between the General Ledger (GL) and transactions. The General Ledger Audit tool may be found by going to Utilities > Utilities > Sapphire Functions.

For any GL account that shows on the GL Audit, that has a period greater than zero, you can run GLbalupdate on that GL for the period shown in the report.

Please note that there are two items in this article that provide different functionality in SapphireOne.

  1. Sapphire Functions – These functions may be run when users are active.
  2. Sapphire Tools – The user will be reminded that there should only be one user currently logged in to SapphireOne. If a user accesses the data file while the tool is active, damage can occur to the data file.

GL Audit Tool Procedure

  1. GLbalupdate tool can be run from Utilities > Utilities > Custom Tools.
  2. Select the tool from the list. SapphireOne will display an alert that this procedure must be run in single user mode. 

If the general ledger is still out, navigate to Accounts > Receivables > Client Inquiry OR Accounts \ Payables > Vendor Inquiry as required.

  1. Export the following fields to ASCII file to be opened in Excel. 
    • ID, Total Due, Balance 1, Balance 2, Balance 3, Balance 4, Balance 5 and Overdue. 
  2. Open the file in excel to create a spreadsheet. 
  3. Name all columns. 
  4. Create a new column that totals Balance 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and Overdue. 
  5. Create a column that calculates a variance between the newly created column and the total due column. 
  6. For those Debtors/Creditors that show a variance, run AllocationRebuildA from the Financials Tab.

If your balances are still out, then contact SapphireOne support. 

Overseas Clients balances on Debtors Balance list in foreign currency value. That value is added into the total of the debtors list as absolute but in General Ledger it is converted to AUD e.g. USD $2,000 value added to trial balance total is 2,000.00. Value in GL as converted to AUD $2,857.00. 

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