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Include Inactive Overview

The Sapphire Include Inactive tool enables the user to view all records and items that have a status of inactive. Typically once an item has been made Inactive, they are not displayed in the list onscreen.

For a list of items in most modes withing the SapphireOne data file, there is the option to make items inactive. This Include Inactive tool will re display these items in the list onscreen. Remember that if left as inactive, they will not be displayed again if the list of items is asked for again. The Include Inactive toll will have to be selected again to see these Inactive items.

The Include Inactive tool is extremely useful when a user wants to modify the status of an inventory item or record. They then have the ability to view the complete list of inventory items, and reactivate any inventory item or record, that they now wish to make active and available for sale.

Normally items or records marked as Inactive will not be displayed in standard lists. Making this selection from the Sapphire Tools menu will show a list of all items or records in the data file (unless restricted by password access), including those that have been made Inactive. This allows modifications to be made to Inactive items or records including re-activating the item or record again.

For example, you may have had inventory items that were out of stock and you had marked them with a status of Inactive. You may then receive a new shipment of inventory, stock, product, etc. and have received an order from a client for that particular inventory items. You can then utilise the Sapphire Include Inactive tool to view all inventory items or records that have a status of Inactive and modify and reactivate the particular items now in stock.

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