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Duplicating inventory items is a common shortfall within the vast majority of ERP offerings. At SapphireOne we have created a tool to simply and efficiently duplicate a single item being an inventory item or a group of inventory items. Some of the examples why you would need to do that maybe that we have an inventory item that does not exist in another location and we simply want to take all the inventory in location A and duplicate them to location B. We might have a new range of product coming in that is very similar, if not identical, but with a slight technical change and that would be another reason to use the duplicate inventory tool. Typically these may only be very minor differences between the original record and the duplicated record and this is simply saving the data entry time of retyping all inventory items where you can simply use the SapphireOne duplicate inventory tool.

You can select an Inventory item or number of items and duplicate them to make other items using this Tools function. This is particularly useful when stocking similar items or upgraded models of items, as any modifications can be made to the new record to suit the individual details of the new inventory item.

Menu-Sapphire Tools-Duplicate

Where Used: Inventory > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry, Job Projects > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry 

If using either Clone or Duplicate check the stock levels and pricing of your new item or items. If they are not identical to the item or items cloned or duplicated then update the record immediately. 

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