Reporting Superannuation on Payslips

Reporting Superannuation on Payslips Overview

This article explains how to commence and continue the use of Pay Superannuation for Superannuation reporting to employees. 

Superannuation Reporting

The ATO have asked that companies report to employees and to the ATO the amount of Superannuation that gets paid to each employees Super Funds. To make reporting these values easier for SapphireOne Clients, we have developed a new Pay and Reporting screen for Superannuation. 

Prior to using Pay Superannuation

Prior to using pay super as part of your regular processing, you will need to ensure that payroll has the default set up to print super paid to Payslips. 

To do this, go to

Utilities > Controls > Master Defaults > Payroll/HRPage. 

In the Superannuation area tick the checkbox as required for your Payroll system. In the screen shot above Bondi Blue has them both ticked so un-tick either and use the setup as most suited for your Payroll needs. 

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