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The Open Time Sheet function in the Job Projects Resources drop-down menu allows you to open and add to an existing time sheet that a logged in user has started over a period of time, before it is posted.

For example, if you need to record new start, and finish times over the course of a week on the same time sheet, you can log in and select the ‘Open Time Sheet’ function to open and then add to an existing time sheet, before it is finalised and posted at the end of the work week, usually by the Payroll Officer.. 

Simply put, SapphireOne looks for an open time sheet for the logged in User and displays it ready for data entry while it remains un-posted. Once it is posted, SapphireOne will ask the user or resource to start the procedure again by creating a new time sheet.

Before entering an OTS

For the Open Time Sheet function to work correctly, the Resource must be set up as normal with an ID, and also have a User Login to SapphireOne with exactly the same ID. So when a user logs in, there will be two options for them:

  1. If the Open Time Sheet function is selected, SapphireOne looks at the ID of the logged in User and checks to see if there are any open and un-posted time sheets for a resource with the same ID. If it finds one, it will immediately open it ready for additional lines of data entry.
  2. If SapphireOne determines that there are currently no open and un-posted time sheets for the logged in User or Resource, the below pop-up will be displayed.

How to create an Open Time Sheet

When you select the above ‘OK’ button you are presented with a new Resource Time Sheet. You can then follow the below procedure to use the Open Time Sheet feature:

  1. Enter your own Resource ID and details as required on the time sheet.
  2. If you are entering a daily time sheet you can enter in a single line or multiple lines for each day and then save it with the green tick icon.
  3. For each following day you can then select the Open Time Sheet function and SapphireOne will continue to open this same time sheet so you can continue to add a line/s for each day.
  4. This also means you have a method of checking back through previously entered days or lines and making corrections or additions if necessary.
  5. When the time sheet is posted it is then closed for any additional data entry, and the above procedure can then be repeated again.

For further detailed instruction on how to enter a Resource based time sheet, you can review the Resource Time Sheet and Job Project Resource Time Sheet manuals in Knowledge Base.

You can review our Blog and YouTube channel for additional information and resources on SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software.

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