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The SapphireOne Event Find tool enables the SapphireOne user to search for a particular event within the Project Risk Register screen. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to track and search for Events by their particular event type or time period.

Events can be created within SapphireOne and customised to track all events or occurrences that pertain to a particular Job Project Risk. The SapphireOne Project Risk is found within Job Projects mode and is a repository to capture all identified threats and opportunities relating to a Job Project.

From the Project Risk Register screen the SapphireOne user can select and highlight a single, a group or subset or all Job Project Risks. They can then utilise the Sapphire Event Find tool and will be prompted with a Request screen to enter the details of the particular Event Type. The user can then also select the Date Range of the event by entering the Start Date and Finish Date. Once all details are entered correctly and the user proceeds, SapphireOne will display all Events relevant to the specific search.

For example, the you may have a construction and development company and you are currently in the middle of a development project. The SapphireOne user has created a Job Project to keep track of building supplies and has created a risk assessment of a delivery delay from a roofing supplier. Over the course of the project, there may have been multiple Events entered to track the delays and interactions between the client and vendor. The SapphireOne user may be required to view a particular event and then can utilise the Sapphire Event Find tool to search for that particular event.

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