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Generate Vendor Order Overview

A Vendor Order refers to the transaction documentation that details the request of purchase of goods, services to a vendor. This Order Vendor Invoice details the requested Inventory items that the Vendor is required to provide. All Invoices to Vendors includes any type of transaction such as a Quote, Order, Invoice, Return or Credit.

The Sapphire Generate Vendor Order tool, enables the user to create a Order Vendor Invoice using a Sales Invoice, an SCI, as a template.

For this to work correctly it is imperative that at least one preferred Vendor is entered into the More Details Page of any Inventory Item that is to be processed with this tool. SapphireOne will also first check to see if a preferred vendor has been entered. Then it will check that a Vendor price has been entered, and if not it will then use the last cost as currently entered into the inventory item. 

Whatever inventory line items that were in the Sales Invoice, will be duplicated in the new Vendor Order. First a Sales transaction SCI, must be selected or highlighted from the list of Sales transactions. Next select the Generate Vendor Order tool. SapphireOne will then automatically generate a Vendor Order OVI, with a line by line reference list of each inventory item that was sold in the SCI.

Once the list of Sales Transactions is on screen select / highlight the one that you want a matching Vendor Order to be created from.


  • Selection – Select/highlight a line or transaction.
  • Select Tool – From The tools drop-down men select Generate > Vendor Order.
  • Inventory Item – SapphireOne will do 1 of 2 things.
    • No Vendor – An alert will be displayed that states, one of the selected inventory items does not have a preferred vendor entered.
    • Vendor Entered – SapphireOne will display the alert as seen below to confirm the vendor.
      • Single Vendor – Select OK-Button for the single vendor.
      • Multiple Vendors – Select/Highlight the vendor, then select the OK-Button button.

SapphireOne will then display a list of Sales Transactions that were selected when this tool was used.

This is the Sales Client Invoice transaction that was selected.

SapphireOne will then create an unposted Vendor Order using the Vendor details as entered into the inventory item. It will then enter all lines it finds into the order based on what has been entered into the sales based transaction. Notes present in the “Notes” field will also be copied from the OCI to the OVI.
The newly created transaction/s may be checked by going to: Inventory > Receivables > Transactions 

If the transaction is not created it is probably because the inventory item does not have a preferred vendor on the More Details page of the Inventory item. It should be noted that SapphireOne will generate the Vendor Order, OVI, in either the local currency or the FX currency that the Vendor has been assigned to. This function works for normal Inventory items as well as Table/Matrix items.

Any other discount or rebate items in the line entry area will be ignored by sapphireOne, only the Inventory Items will be copied in to the new Order Vendor Invoice.

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