Installing Barcode Fonts - Elevate Your Barcode Printing in SapphireOne

Installing Barcode Fonts Overview

All barcodes are simply printer fonts which must be installed on the workstation that is to being used to print the barcodes. While some barcodes are free, the user will find that the purchased barcodes will offer more flexibility and functionality than the free barcode fonts.

Before the printing of bar codes in SapphireOne is implemented the fonts must be installed on both MacOS and Windows platforms. A search performed on a search engine revealed two free barcode fonts named in integers, 39 and 3 of 9 which are suitable for the printing of barcodes within SapphireOne. A number of others where also listed as free. It is highly recommended that the user considers the purchase of a barcode font suitable for their business requirements.

Workstation Printing

Normally when a workstation is accessing a data file in Client Server or Web Pack modes, it is the Workstation that is doing the printing and not the server. For that reason, the barcode fonts must be installed on every workstation that is required to print barcodes. Once installed the barcode font will be displayed in the list of fonts available in the Workstation font manager for selection. In fact this applies to all workstations for all fonts, when any workstation is required to do any printing. 

Installing Barcode Fonts on MacOS or Windows Platforms

For both Mac and PC this is a 3 step process. 

  1. Depending on the operating platform, the selected zip or rar file has to be unpacked on to the computer or workstation that they are to be installed on. 
  2. Then the fonts inside these folders have to Installed into the operating platform for either MacOS or Windows. 
  3. Re-Start the workstation.

The Free 39 Barcode fonts are available from any number a sources and are usually packaged in either zip or rar archive formats. Some will have some type of installer package included as seen on the following page for the Mac installation but most will not have an installer included. In that case the procedure for both Mac and PC for step 1 is virtually identical. 

Installing Barcode Fonts – Step 1

  1. Create a folder on your desktop. 
  2. Copy the zip or rar font file in to it. 
  3. Unpack the archive usually by double or right clicking on it and selecting the appropriate option. The unpacked files and folders, will remain inside the folder and not end up all over your desktop. 

Installing Barcode Fonts – Step 2

For Mac and PC is slightly different procedure but both entail installing the font by placing the Font into the respective font books. 

  • For instruction on installing fonts on MacOS platforms view here.
  • For instruction on installing fonts on Windows platforms view here.

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