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Open Linked Serial Batch Overview

When a Sales Line inquiry is being viewed the user may now select the Open Linked Serial Batch tool. This is the same function or inquiry when the user goes to, Inventory > Inventory > Serial / Batch Inquiry hence the word Linked added to the name of the tool here.

SapphireOne will open the standard Serial Batch Inquiry and display the list of Serial and Batch items on screen. This enables the user to run quick check of serial batch details if necessary directly from this Sales Line Inquiry.

In Operation

The Sapphire Open Linked Serial Batch enables the user to view serial or batch inventory items at the same time when the Sales Line Inquiry screen is also open on screen. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to efficiently check Serial/Batch details if necessary.

For example, you may wish to view a particular Client transaction and the individual sales line or a specific purchase line. The SapphireOne user has the ability to select a particular inventory item within the History Sales Lines listed in the transaction, and can then utilise the Sapphire Open Linked Serial Batch tool to view any inventory items with a serial or batch number linked to that transaction.

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