Standard Data Entry Functions - Experience seamless Remote Data Entry

Web Pack Data Entry Functions Overview

The SapphireOne Web Pack Data Entry Functions allows unlimited users to access all SapphireOne Data Entry screens in real-time from any device with a browser.

Data Entry Functions

Time Card Stamp

The Time Card Stamp function allows a user to time card stamp in and out of SapphireOne.

Roster Timesheets

The Roster Timesheets function allows a user to check and see the shifts that have been rostered for them.

Timesheets PR

The Timesheets PR function allows project managers to enter Job Project based timesheets to allocate one or more resources to a single Job Project while in the field.

Timesheets RS

The Timesheets function is for the entry of resource based timesheets. This allows resources to log-in to and enter time sheets that automatically update the data back at the office. For example, employee hours and costs and charges that relate to a Job Project.

Time Sheet & Machinery Log

The Time Sheet & Machinery Log function is for the entry of machinery timesheets. When machinery is used for a Job Project users may enter in timesheets for machinery in real time, updating the Job Project charges as they occur.

Customer Order

Cut down on double data entry tasks by giving clients logins so they can enter current or future indent orders directly into SapphireOne. Stock levels are tracked for current orders, therefore only allowing those products currently in stock to be ordered.

History Order

The History Order function is much like a shopping list for a customer. For example, when you are with the customer at their premises it will display their order history. The user could then go through the list with them and select what they want to order again.

Matrix Order

The Matrix Order function allows user to select Inventory Quantities from a Matrix Style Table. 


The Transfer function allows the user to seamlessly transfer inventory items from one location to another.

Stock Count

This option allows a remote user to check and adjust current stock levels.

Delivery / Arrival Data Entry Functions

The Delivery / Arrival function is a basic scan pack functionality that allows users to either arrive vendor orders into stock or convert client orders into invoices for delivery.

Checking Deliver Data Entry Functions

This function allows web users to check the stock that is ready for delivery and release it to the packing department.

Packing Consignment Data Entry Functions

Once the inventory items are ready for picking, the Packing Consignment function allows web users to select the items and the size of the items so that they may be packed for delivery.

Client Sales Data Entry Functions

The Client Sales function will create a Client Quote Invoice (QCI), Client Order Invoice (OCI) or a Sales Client Invoice (SCI) as selected by the user.

Client Receipt

The Client Receipt function allows the web user to create a Client Receipt (CR).

Vendor Purchase

The Vendor Purchase function allows the web user to create Purchase Vendor Invoice (PVI).

Vendor Invoice

The Vendor Invoice function allows the web user to create a Vendor Invoice (VI).

Leave Request / Future Leave

The Leave Request function allows users to enter in leave requests. Once a user has entered in a leave request SapphireOne will display an additional button on screen when the Working transactions function is accessed by the Payroll Officer. 

Note that as part of the leave request function the Future Leave calculator has also been included on this screen so employees may calculate the leave that they will have at some time in the future i.e. at the time or date of the leave request. 

Visitor in Data Entry Functions

The Visitor function enables the user to keep an electronic record of all visitors. 

Dictation and Speech to Text Overview

SapphireOne’s implementation of both Dictation (MacOS) and Speech to Text (Windows) is a game changer for data entry. Any data entry field you can type into using a keyboard can use this feature.

You can also use this functionality on all inquiry screens within SapphireOne. For example, the user is in a Contact within a Client. They may have made a phone call to that particular client using the Softphone technology. Consequently, this will automatically date and time stamp both the contact and the phone number you called.

As soon as the call is completed, the user has the ability to use Speech to Text (Windows) or Dictation (MacOS). They can dictate into the memo field of the CRM contact, adding as much description as they require.

Dictation and Speech to Text Procedure

This functionality applies across every single Data Entry screen. For example, the SapphireOne user is entering a Vendor Invoice (VI). Additionally, you may want to add a memo within the Vendor Invoice (VI). The user can utilise the tool and simply dictate the memo.

Another example is if the user wants to add additional lines to the General Ledger account, within each General Ledger account. When the user is completing data entry using a General Ledger, there’s always a unique memo field for each GL account line.

The user can then utilise this feature to quickly add the information they need to add. Alternatively, you may have an interview with an employee. After the interview process is completed, the user can then make notes about the employee.

Speech to Text or Dictation is an extremely powerful tool. It is something that we at SapphireOne, as well as our clients, utilise daily. It is a massive time saver.

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