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Do Not Pay Overview

The Sapphire Do Not Pay tool is utilised when the Start New Pay option is selected within SapphireOne when creating new Working Transactions for all selected employees from their Standing transactions.

You may elect to exclude some employees from this particular pay run. The Payroll HR Officer does not want pays to be processed at this time for a particular employee or a group of employees who are currently in the Working Transactions list. 

Do Not Pay Usage

All the payroll officer has to do is to highlight the employee or employees that they wish to exclude from this pay run and select the Do Not Pay tool from the tools menu.
The list of employees in the Working Transactions list will have to be refreshed by closing it and then re-opening it again. The selected employees will no longer be in the list and the pay may proceed as normal without the selected employee or employees. 

When Start New Pay is executed again they will then re-appear in the list as normal. 

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