Stock Count - Valuable Power of Inventory Management

The Stock Count inventory interface is a crucial tool for your organisations to effectively manage and track your inventory levels. It is a comprehensive system that facilitates the monitoring, scanning, and inputting of inventory data.
One of the main functions of this interface is to provide real-time monitoring of your inventory stock levels.
Overall, The Sapphire Custom Web Pack is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes to streamline your stock inventory processes. It improves efficiency, accuracy, and productivity, ultimately leading to better inventory management and increased profitability. With its monitoring, scanning, and inputting capabilities, this interface is a valuable asset for your organisation in looking to optimise your inventory management.

  1. Through the Navigation Page – select Stock Count.
CustomWebPack-Navigation-Stock Count
  1. After being selected, The form will be displayed on the screen with the following information:
    • Location – Internal reference and warehouse name, Choose a stock location from the available list, which is retrieved from SapphireOne’s database.
    • Run – Run of the specified stock.
    • Bar Code – Internal reference of the stock.
    • Bay – The bays stock is available at.
    • Move Bay – Specify the bay you wish to move it from or to.
    • Count – Amount of Inventory items counted.
    • Calc – Calculate the amount counted.
CustomWebPack-Stock Count
  1. Once counted, enter the amount of inventory items counted for the specific Bar Code, and click “Send” – this will automatically update the field below and the stock count in the inventory.

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