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Open Linked Price Book Overview

Once a Price Estimate has been made the user may use the Open Linked Price Book tool to directly enter in a new Price Book entry. The SapphireOne user will have to be careful that your various price book entries do not conflict with each other. When this tool is selected SapphireOne will display all entries entered using the Push Price tool from the Price Estimate function.

  • The Open Linked Price Book and Push Price tools are linked.
  • When the Open Linked Price Book tool is selected, SapphireOne will only display the Price book entries that have been created from the Price Estimate function using the Push Price tool.
  • When the Push Price tool is used from the Price Estimate function, SapphireOne creates a link from the newly created Pricebook entry to the Price Estimate function.

Open Linked Price Book Procedure

  1. Navigate to Inventory > Inventory > Price Estimate.
  2. Select an entry and apply the Open Linked Price Book tool from the tools menu.
  1. From the Price Book Transaction list, select an entry to modify by double clicking it or use the modify button Modify-Button.
  1. This will open the linked Price Book for editing.

The Open Linked Price Book tool will not display any Price book entries made directly using the Price Book function itself.

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