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Where Used: Inventory > Inventory > Inventory Locations Inquiry > Update Project

Update Project Overview

The Sapphire Update Project tool provides the SapphireOne user the ability to link a Project directly to selected Inventory Items. Therefore, when a Base Inventory item is created, there is provision for the entry of a default Job Project.

The default Job Project, if entered into a Base Inventory Inquiry, will be written through to all Inventory Locations as well. These default Job Projects may also be set up on a location by location basis.

Additionally, to alter the Default Job Project in each location, the user will have to open each Inventory item in each Location. Then they can manually enter the altered default Job Project. From the Inventory Locations inquiry this can become a tedious task, which may be viewed in the screen shot below.

Update Job Project Tool Procedure

The SapphireOne user will first execute an Inventory Locations Inquiry and select/highlight the items that you want a Job Project to be written to.

The SapphireOne user can then select the Update Projects item from the Sapphire Tools menu. An alert will be displayed stating the number of records and also asking for the entry of a Job Project ID.

Once the OK-Button button has been selected, SapphireOne will display a pick list of Job Projects for the SapphireOne user to select from.

Once a Job Project has been selected and the OK-Button button selected, SapphireOne will display a filtered list of inventory items. When one is opened, the SapphireOne user will note that the Inventory item now has the default project set as entered above.

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