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 Accounts > Receivables > Transactions Inquiry > Query Allocated Transactions

SapphireOne Query Allocated Transactions tool is used in accounts mode of SapphireOne specifically in the Receivables Transaction Inquiry and the Payables Transaction Inquiry. By selecting either the Receivables or Payables drop-down menu and proceeding to the Transactions Inquiry. The user will select Tool Tools Icon Main Toolbar, then select Other and then selects Query Allocated Transactions, which will display a subset of all allocated transactions within your current transaction list.

This tool is used to view the allocations and audit lines for the currently highlighted CC, CR, VC or VP. 

  1. From the transaction Inquiry list highlight a transaction.
  2. Select from the Sapphire tools menu, Query Allocated Transactions. 
  • SapphireOne will initially display a list of transactions allocated to the highlighted transaction.
  • At the bottom of the screen there is a Show Audit Lines button. When this is selected SapphireOne will display the audit lines for each transaction that is highlighted in the list in the upper section of the screen. 

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