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Contacts Class Overview

The Contacts Class Inquiry option allows the grouping of Contacts into standard areas as applicable to your organisation. This expands the sorting or grouping of your data in the production analysis and reports generated within SapphireOne.

In the screenshot below are the Contact Classes set up in the Bondi Blue Demo. Once a record has been selected the Look View-Button button will allow you to view the record without modifying.
The screen shots below display the two contact classes currently set up in Bondi Blue.

Adding Contacts to a Class

Contacts may only be added to an existing Class so create the Contact Class first, and then add Contacts to the Class.

While the Modify button is active the only alteration you should make to the details in this screen is in the Notes area. Once you have set up a Class using the New button SapphireOne will list any Clients that you have set up with the selected, Class in this screen.


Entering Data for a Contact Class

  • Class ID & Name – Enter in an ID and a Name for the Contact Class.
  • Company – SapphireOne will enter the Company for this class and it will be the company that the user is currently logged into.
  • Notes Area – Enter as required and this is the only modifiable item that may be altered once this Contact Class record has been saved.
  • Custom Header Area – The headings in this are may be altered to suit the users requirements.
  • Linked – As Contacts are added to the Class they will be listed in this area.

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