Audit Set Leave - Review Employee Leave Entitlements Easily

Payroll > Administration > Employee Inquiry > Audit Set Leave

The Sapphire Audit Set Leave tool enables the SapphireOne user to view an audit report of set leave entitlements of a particular employee. This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to create a detailed breakdown of an employee’s leave for a particular time period.

From the Employee inquiry screen the SapphireOne user can highlight the particular employee record they wish to view. The SapphrieOne user can then utilise the Audit Set Leave tool and this will create an audit report displaying the detailed/ broken down set leave details for that particular employee. This will be displayed in a table format and opens it in your computer’s default spreadsheet program. The SapphireOne user also has the ability to select the number of days of leave they wish to view for that employee.

For example, you may wish to view the breakdown of set leave for an employee for a 10 day period. The SapphireOne user will select the particular employee. This will formulate a table displaying 10 lines with the set leave entitlements accumulating.

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