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The Sapphire Export ATP tool enables the user to export a customised spreadsheet report containing a particular ID and start date from Job Projects General Ledger. An Available to Promise (ATP) report allows a company, businesses or organisation the ability to manage inventory levels accurately and efficiently by keeping stock levels maintained at their base inventory amount.

This gives the SapphireOne user the ability to generate a detailed graphical report of Job Projects displaying the Period or Month, Job Project ID, General Ledger ID, Actual for the month, Total To Date, Budget Authorisation for Expenditure and the Revised Budget if the relevant data entry has been entered.

This is a customised report allowing the insertion of an ID with a start date.

Once the Save button is selected SapphireOne will display the following alert confirming the saving process.

The operating system will then start the spreadsheet program and display the exported file with the details as listed below

  • Column A – This displays the Period or Month.
  • Column B – This displays the Job Project ID.
  • Column C – This displays the GL ID.
  • Column D – This displays the Actual for the month.
  • Column E – This displays the TTD, Total To Date.
  • Column F – This displays the Budget AFE
  • Column G – This displays the Revised Budget if figures have been entered.

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