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Swap Component Overview

When using this swap component tool the inventory items to be selected will probably be new inventory items for an existing built item. Additionally, make certain that these new items have been setup in your data file and existing inventory items would be left as they are.

Built items in your Inventory are usually made up of a number of inventory items in your data file. Additionally, these items are the components of the built item. From time to time, these components are altered for a number of reasons. For example, the component has been updated or is now unavailable. Consequently, the same component could be in any number of built items in your inventory. Therefore, finding and altering all of them would be a time consuming and tedious task.

Swap Component Procedure

  1. Select/highlight the component that you want to swap or replace with another component as seen below.
  1. Next select the Swap Component item for the Tools menu.

SapphireOne will now display an alert asking for the ID of the new Inventory item that will become a component of the existing built item.

Typically, quantities should remain the same unless the original inventory item has a specific quantity which is different to the replacement item.

In this case, an alteration to the new Inventory items quantity in the build will have to be made.

  1. Finally, once the ID has been entered select the OK-Button button and the new item will now become a part of the built item.

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