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Leave Calendar Overview

The Sapphire Leave Calendar tool enables the user to view Employee Leave entries within a daily, weekly or monthly calendar. The SapphireOne user has the ability to select the time period they wish to view by entering a specific date in the Date From and the Date To section of the Employee Leave Calendar. Once the dates are selected, SapphireOne will automatically generate the Leave Calendar in which the user can view the Employee ID, Name, Personal, Holiday and Long Service Leave of that particular employee and the leave they have take during that time period. The days of leave are identifiable by the colour red.

A Leave Request is usually entered by an employee and is then finalised through the Payroll/HR functionality and can go through multiple workflow processes before approval. An employee may put in a Leave Request for a variety of reasons and most often it will fall under the category of Annual Leave. However, leave may also be required for other reasons such as Carer and Personal Leave, Long Service Leave, etc.

If a specific date is not entered, the Sapphire Leave Calendar tool displays a calendar that by default displays last month, the current month and the following month. It will be in a graphical form display any leave taken by employees. 

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