Include Deleted - Uncover The History Of All Modes

History Menu all modes from Accounts to Payroll > Transactions & Invoices > Include Deleted

Include Deleted Overview

All Mode, from Accounts through to Job Projects, have their own individual History Inquiry drop-down list. Additionally, all History records can be accessed from the history drop-down menu within each mode. Any inquiry screen that has a deleted record e.g. for a client/vendor, you can also use include deleted. When a list of items is on an inquiry screen, the Sapphire Include Deleted Tool will become available from the Sapphire Tools menu.

For example, you maybe doing an annual audit or you might do a rolling spot audit and the auditor will use this tool to review all deleted transactions. Another example might be that a SapphireOne user inadvertently hits the delete button. They then may want to be able to go back and look at the deleted transaction. This is a very useful tool, particularly in the annual audit or spot audit process within your Sapphire One data file.

Normally items or records marked as Deleted will not be displayed in standard inquiry lists. Selecting this function from the Sapphire Tools menu will cause the list to display deleted items/records as well.

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