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Locked Record Overview

The Sapphire Locked Record tool enables the user to view and modify the status of a Transaction that has been locked. There are various reasons as to why a transaction may be locked and the Locked record most often acts as a safe guard against posting transactions or invoicing Clients.

These two Locked Record options will allow the user to first Check the Status of a record and then select the Unlock tool to unlock the locked transaction.
The Unlock tool will unlock most transactions that have been locked by SapphireOne for any reason.

The Locked Record tool has two options when unlocking transactions when they are displayed in a list of transaction that is currently on screen as follows.

  • Accounts Mode – Receivables and Payables transaction Inquiries, Unlock only
  • Inventory Mode – Sales and Purchase Transaction Inquiries, Check Status & Unlock.
  • Payroll Mode – Inventory and Job Project transaction Inquiries, Check Status & Unlock.

For example In Inventory Mode, you may have a Client or Vendor that has been put on a credit stop, and the changes have been made within the Client or Vendor master file. This modification to the record will automatically lock the transaction and the user is prevented from being able to post a transaction. When a transaction is locked the SapphireOne user will not be able to post an invoice and alerting the user that the record is locked. The user then has the ability to utilise the Sapphire Locked Record tool to first check the status of the transaction, Check Status, and can then unlock the record, Unlock. The user is also able to set workflow rules on who has accessibility or authority to unlock a transaction record.

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