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The Sapphire Open Linked Tracking Notes tool enables the user to view all Tracking Notes that are linked to a particular Job Project. The SapphireOne user may enter a Tracking Note in relation to a Job Project.

For example, you may be the CEO of a large company that has various departments i.e. legal, administration, project management, etc. A client may approach you with a job request that requires the involvement of all departments. A Job Project is created in SapphireOne and during the course of working on the particular Job Project. Each department may enter one or multiple Tracking Notes relevant to their field of work.

By utilising the Open Linked Tracking Notes tool, the user is able to view all Tracking Notes associated with the Job Project, and display the progress of each department. It is an also extremely useful tool if the user needs to enter a Tracking Note, they are able to see whether another department has encountered the same issue, etc.

Tracking Notes Procedure

Tracking Notes are normally entered using the dedicated menu option that lists all Tracking Notes in SapphireOne. There is an option under the Inquiries Pallet and another available under the Workbook Mode

To use the Open Linked Tracking Notes tool,

  1. When the list of Job Projects is on screen the user has to first highlight a single Job Project.
  2. Select from the Tools drop down menu the Open Linked Tracking Notes option

SapphireOne will then display a list of all tracking notes that have the currently highlighted job project entered into them in the Job Projects data entry field. 

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